Crelan & the Crelan-Charles cyclocross team



Crelan, a bank and insurances company, has been a dedicated sponsor in the cyclocross world for years now and was looking for some content marketing ideas to communicate and get in touch with other prospects than the well-known cyclocross fans. Crelan-Charles is a well-known Belgian team in cyclocross with World Champion Wout van Aert as absolute exponent.



Since we knew Crelan from the last project with the Borlée family, the brainstorming for this content marketing plan was a lot easier. From the beginning we were well aware of the sensitivities Crelan had and what message they wanted to communicate: Their core-values, being ‘personal’, ‘responsible’, ‘respectful’ and ‘connected’. As always we started from the fan’s point of view. What do I, as a fan, want to know about the Crelan-Charles team? What content can Crelan offer me, as a fan, an added value?


Wave point concepts

Communicating the values of Crelan was a main focus in this project. Together with bringing this content towards both cyclocross enthusiasts and occasionals. First of all we implemented a big launch of the campaign with ‘De andere kant van Wout’. After this big kick-off we kept communicating through concepts as ‘Team Crelan-Charles’, ‘Schakelen met’ and ‘Weetjes uit het veld’.



We implemented these video concepts in a social media content plan from November 2017 until March 2018 on Crelan’s Facebook and Twitter. The website was implemented as well as a contenthub for all their upcoming sports content. The launch video’s of ‘De andere kant van Wout’ reached over 1 mio Facebook fans and was shared over 2000 times. We guess we offered the fans an added value, Crelan enjoyed from the side line….

Type:Brand awareness, activation, content, storytelling
Media:Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Website


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