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5 Things we learned at the International Sports Convention

WAVE attended this 2-yearly event that took place in the PalExpo in Geneva. 18 Sports conferences & 150 speakers were united and attracted over 2.000 people from all over the world. UEFA, EA Sports, YouTube were just a few of the speakers who drew large crowds.  Here are 5 key take outs that we wrote down:

  1. YouTube has emerged as an inescapable platform for sports content. Every day people watch 1 Billion hours of YouTube video every single day of which 95% is watched with sound on. That makes a significant difference with Facebook. The average mobile session length appears to be 60 minutes. They grew 61% in watch time over the last 12 months on sports content.
  2. SPORTS ARENAS are evolving in many ways, but they are all being built on data. Soccer Area 21 showed 12 stadions that are being built in the next 5 years with integrated practice courts, shopping malls and event capacity to hold E-sports events. The Soccer Six court gave a flavor of what advanced teamplay training contains. Scouting + game & practice analysis will increase performance and knowledge of each athlete.
  3. NBA – ORLANDO MAGIC are taking fan centricity to the ultimate level. Their mission is to be world champions on & off the court delivering legendary moments every step of the way. Their focus is to reduce all friction for fans, and that’s one that also inspires us at Wave. We got to know some insights in social selling, the use of beacons in a stadium and the importance of developing a ticketing strategy for millennials who are taking over.
  4. ONE championship: This was one of the truly inspiring business cases where this championship has become the home of martial arts. It celebrates Asia’s greatest cultural treasures and their values. Their mission is to unleash real-life superheroes who ignite hope, celebrate values, inspire nations and change the world. That’s a pretty bold statement but click & check here for yourself:
  5. DRL? It’s the professional drone race circuit. Yes, drone racing has become a professional competition and it’s getting big. Just watch it here

Feel inspired? Always ready to tell you more about the fan engagement models we use at Wave.


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