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DVV’s World Upside Down nominated at Belgian Sponsorship Awards

WAVE agency was nominated for the ‘Best Sponsorship Activation’- award in the Belgian Sponsorship Awards for their ‘The world upside down’ activation. WAVE devised the activation for Belgian insurance company DVV Verzekeringen, which took place during the summer of 2018. The awards ceremony takes place 28 March.

DVV Verzekeringen / Les AP Assurances searched for a new field activation concept to increase lead generation & customer loyalty. How could we generate quality leads to invite fans to their local DVV Verzekeringen agent for a free insurance check-up? Additionally, the company looked to reward client loyalty by offering free tickets to festivals and concerts. Main target group: young families, 25-45y.

Entitled “The world upside down”, WAVE created three surrealist photo booths where people stepped into an upside down world. Three different set-ups, each referring to the possible risks of life in an insurance context. A bicycle or a car mishap, a flooded kitchen… whatever happens, DVV Verzekeringen sets it straight again.

Young families are really fond of unique family portraits to share. That’s why we sent the photo to them digitally instantly as well as printed off so they could display this fun photo in their home. We also gave each fan a DVV magnet to stick the upside down portrait on the fridge as a funtastic memory.

These 3 compact photo booths featured at local family festivals such as Sfinks, Kneistival, Esperanzah, Ronquières, Boomtown and the NRJ Music Tour. At the popular Walloon cycling events Beau Vélo de RAVeL and l’Echappée Belge, the cycling photo booth was also hugely successful. To end the activation-season, the photo booths could be found at family-oriented Plopsaland during the Christmas period as well as at two legs of the DVV Verzekeringen Trofee (cyclocross).

With a tailor made data-approach we managed to gain many festival visitors’ attention & data. This info was then passed on to the relevant local DVV-insurance agent who invited them to a free insurance check-up. And people massively did!

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