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5 things we learned at 

the UBA Trends Day 2019

The annual Trend Seminar hosted a wide range of interesting speakers. We selected so fan-focussed trends we keep in mind. 

1. Why Hitchcock always wrote 2 scripts?

The ever entertaining bestselling author Martin Lindstrom ( https://www.martinlindstrom.com/ )was back and sharing that the famous filmmaker make a blue and a green script for his movies. The blue one was always a rather technical script that would be called the standard for a filmmaker. The green one on the other hand was the script where Hitchcock put in all the details of how people should feel when they see a scene of his film. This sense for emotion description and ‘micro-dataism’ is what made him so successful.

Key Take out: When we script a story for a brand, we should always make a ‘Green script’ where we consider all the emotions we want the fan to feel. Describing the emotional journey will be much more impactful than a technical one.

2. How face recognition will design the ultimate fan journey.

Check this Russian company https://findface.pro/en/ and see how far advanced face, gender, age and … emotions can be tracked with camera’s.

Key take out: When sports & music arena’s will be equipped with these camera’s you can image how fans can literally be ‘read’ before, during and after an event. Was the fan experience well designed and did it bring a smile on their faces? Big & small data will be provided to make sure every fan gets a smile on their faces.

3. Chatbots as trustworthy assistants in an ‘always on’ world

Meahb Quoirin (www.foresightfactory.com) already mentioned in a talk (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jZarMTEt8o) about consumers being ‘always on’, 24/7, on & offline. She talks about ‘Life in Beta Mode’, a world in which the post-purchase stage of consumption is redefined by connected products & devices.

Key take out: Have we taken smart devices into account when we create a fan journey? Should Alexa be or ‘ambassador’ rather than some overpaid Instagram phenom with short expiry date

4. But have you met Nadine: the social robot that keeps on learning

Check out Nadine here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usif8BOBHgA. Convinced of how fast her learning will evolve in the not so distant future?

Key take out: as she can answer in over 30 languages already, ever growing information will be accessible & tailormade with these kind of ‘assistants’ informing fans about almost anything on a tour in .. Camp Nou or Wembley? And … yes. Jobs might be at stake here.   

5. 3D printing: It’s getting local & personal with the Adidas Futurecraft 4D

Adidas has launched a project recently where they team up with a company called Carbon and creating the next breakthrough in athletic footwear: Futurecraft 4D. Together, they are developing the first mass production process that makes previously impossible midsole geometries with revolutionary 3D printable materials, paving the way for custom, high performance shoes that meet the unique needs of each customer

Key take out: Printing a perfect shoe with the expertise of 2 market leaders opens doors for all sports gear in the future. Remember Nike & back to the future? Well this time we think Adidas has taken a big leap in future production.  

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