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We wish you a merry christmas and a sweaty new year

We wish you a merry christmas
and a sweaty new year

At WAVE sports and music are a big part of our DNA, we live and breathe it.
Not only are we fans, we also practice sports, go to concerts and visit festivals.

As marketeers we do realize we have a privileged position. More than ever we want our sweat to pay off. To stay in shape: yes! To come up with even better concepts and strategies for our clients (healthy body, healthy mind): for sure!! To make a difference for people who are in a less privileged position: definitely!!!

Therefore, starting from January 2020, we will work out not only for our health and well-being, to set transpiration into inspiration, but also to do good to others.

In a sweat drop: we’ll convert all the KMs that we achieve by doing all kinds of sports into supporting
a good cause. Because it’s all about music and sports at WAVE, we’re looking for a good cause where music and/or sports play a significant role. Any ideas? Leave them at the bottom of this page!

Furthermore, we’re inviting our Clients and Friends to join our WAVE- Smells Like Team Spirit as well – do more sports, take care of your body and spirit and at the same time do something good for the others (we take care of the last part 🙂 )

And to improve the efficiency of your workouts and to make them even more fun on a monthly basis we’ll upload fresh playlists on our Spotify Channel!

Now time to get moving…

Need a little help?

Let us know why WAVE should support your good cause.

Let’s meet at the WAVE bar!

We are a big fan of having a chat over a coffee, a gin or beer.

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