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Lockdown Initiatives

Our favourite Lockdown Initiatives

We’re fans of sports and music. It’s in our DNA. 

And now – probably more than ever – we believe in their power – and what they can do in the world.
We are convinced that in the challenging times we’re facing, sports and music are among the things that can really help people. That’s why at WAVE we’ve launched Lockdown Initiatives!

Would you like to learn to play the guitar? Or perhaps to start daily yoga practice?
Or what about enjoying famous operas from the leading opera houses without having to leave your couch?

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and sports inspiration. Let’s try and make the most out of this time – to become better versions of ourselves. Stay at home, take care and spend the time you have now wisely.

Let’s meet at the WAVE bar!

We are a big fan of having a chat over a coffee, a gin or beer.

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