Firestone 2020

The Challenge:

For a few years already, WAVE has been helping Firestone stand out from their competition by linking the brand to music. In 2019, this involved giving emerging talents the opportunity to play on the Firestone stage at 6 of the largest music festivals in 6 Europe. Firestone also kept the audience amused in dedicated activation areas.

How can you keep talking to music lovers when all major events have been cancelled? What happens to the link you have built between your brand and music?

The Plan:

2020: time to think outside the box and come up with new ways of communicating with music fans. In the UK and Spain, WAVE created and distributed “Driven by Music”, a podcast series where hosts welcomed emerging artists and explored different topics for both music fans and industry professionals. 

In Spain, WAVE partnered with BBK to create 2 events: a live stream of Dora (a rising star in Spain) performing in a branded Firestone area; and 2 days of concerts for 200 people per concert in Bilbao last October. 

In Germany, WAVE launched a TikTok campaign with 13 creators showcasing their music talents.

In France, WAVE teamed up with Rock en Seine. Firestone became the main partner of Club Avant Seine to support 5 emerging talents that were broadcast on various channels.

All the initiatives had the same goal: reinforcing the local link between Firestone and music.

The Result:

Thousands of music enthusiasts enjoyed the podcast episodes. More than 20% of those who listened to the podcast converted into followers across various podcast platforms. In Spain, the Firestone podcast was #1 in the Music Interviews chart (Apple podcasts) for more than 10 days, while in the UK it appeared in the Top-10 in the same category several times.

TikTok in Germany: 3.7 million views of the videos created by 13 Creators (we topped the target by 23% – yay!), ER = 11% (above the average for branded video campaigns on TikTok).

Thanks to the BBK and RES partnerships, close to 5 million people found out about Firestone’s active support of the 2 festivals via digital campaigns. In Spain, 400 people got the chance to experience the live concerts on the Firestone stage (one of the very few offline concerts that took place in 2020). The estimated PR value of Firestone mentions in the media linked to the partnership in Spain is equivalent to 100K EUR.  

Despite a challenging year for the music industry, we’re proud to have found alternative ways for Firestone to support emerging talent and connect with music fans across different European countries. Now? We want more!

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