Firestone Music Tour

The Challenge:

Rejuvenate a brand and build an ongoing relationship in a competitive market, targeting young adults

The Plan:

Faced with a lot of local competitors, Firestone wanted to link its brand values to a music vibe. Rather than organise one-off sponsored events, we aimed at creating a format that enabled ongoing contact throughout the summer, through Firestone stages at festivals. We then extended it through the winter with small local events.

The Result:

Music has become a Global Brand Activation for Firestone. In 2018 more than 1.2 million visitors have been reached in 6 countries with a social reach of some 15 million! 

Brand affinity: People aware of the FMT also have a far more favorable brand affinity of Firestone.

In 2015 the brand affinity index among those who were aware of FMT was 155 vs those who weren’t aware. In 2019 this index has reached 192.

Purchase intent: in 2018 purchase intent index for those who were aware of FMT has reached 220 vs those who weren’t aware! 


Festival GOERS



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