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Fan meets Brand

 This is a fans world!

WAVE knows

about fans.


Simply, because we are passionate music and sports fans ourselves AND because we monitor fan behaviour every single day.

What we learned is that good fan experiences lead to good business – as long as you don’t treat fans like regular customers or prospects.

Together with brands, leagues, clubs, cities, venues and event organizers, we let fans meet brands in a positive dynamic way that changes their perception. And we ensure this contact is always-on, maintaining an ongoing relationship rather than organising one-off events.

We offer better, more relevant content and innovation to all of these fans by connecting them to more of what they are passionate about.

So let’s meet and start enriching your fanbase!

How could engaged fans
help you right now?

Sponsorship strategies • Brand positioning and activation • Marketing or product insights
through data • 
Product launches • Sales •  Loyalty-building


There’s no mystery. Success in sports and music takes flair,
dedication, planning and great execution.

To that end, we bring brands four different skill sets on which
to build marketing and communication campaigns:


Advice and ideation to map out concepts that truly interest and motivate your target audience


Content, campaigns and distribution to go from the conceptual stage to actual on- and offline execution


Live experiences, events and activation developed and managed in-house for total overview and the greatest impact


 Digital activation, data, services and products that help before, during and after a campaign, ensuring the best results and follow-up.

Let the fan journey 

lead to you

From the drawing board to the finishing line: you can map your goals, set benchmarks, map content, assets and the media plans. Then develop content and select the touchpoints with the most impact. Then go out and implement and execute everything – with testing, subsequent metrics and evaluation – all from the same spot: WAVE


Let’s meet at the WAVE bar!

We are a big fan of having a chat over a coffee, a gin or beer.