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Fan lovin’ criminals


Our dedicated team of fan-loving experts

breathe sports and music 

Kurt Tuypens



Existing since 1972

I’m a big fan of Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Zinedine Zidane, Roger Federer, Prince, Morrissey and Jamiroquai

My ultimate fan experience: Watching the game, having a Bud and Prince concert 5/7/2011 – Gent

Niels Famaey



Existing since the end of the Vietnam War and the start of the oil crisis

I’m a big fan of Ice Cream, The Black Keys, Frank Lloyd Wright, Art Books and the Red Devils

My ultimate fan experience: KV Mechelen winning the Uefa Cup II in Strasbourg in 1988 and still using the same scarf for every home game

Fan lovin' criminals

Our dedicated team of fan-loving experts breathe sports and music.
It’s in their blood. But their
are filled with marketing, communication and advertising. It’s the magic link. They provide the insights into how people are engaged with sport and music.
And then turn that into how they will engage with you.

Tim Vercauteren



Existing since that golden year 1973

I’m a big fan of Paul, John, George and Ringo.

My ultimate fan experience: after 25 years of going to Rock Werchter still feeling like coming home and exactly knowing where to find my friends. And off course almost all of the 783 of concerts I’ve seen so far. With special thanks to Prince, The Boss, Eddie Vedder, Nick Cave, Justin Vernon and David Bowie.

Bertel Van Gansbeke



Existing since “Friday I’m in Love”

I’m a big fan of all justin vernon’s projects

My ultimate fan experience: jamming together with Justin Vernon, Matt berninger, Paul Mccartney  and Jim Morrison at the backstage of Woodstock ’69

Melissa Tistaert



Existing since The first single from the Spice Girls was released: Wannabe – 1996

I’m a big fan of Long walks with my dog and watching gymastics on television.

My ultimate fan experience: Prepare lodges of my favorite artists on Pukkelpop and take their favorite snacks and drinks with me 😊

Ellen Volckaert



Existing since the Olympic Games in Los Angeles

I’m a big fan of candy, coffee, television series (Stranger Things, The Wire and many more), RSC Anderlecht, Simon Sinek, Roger Federer and a lot of other inspiring personalities.

 My ultimate fan experience: the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympic Games in the presence of Rihanna, Coldplay and many amazing Paralympic athletes.

Ilse Van Lerberghe



Existing since previous century

I’m a big fan of Roisin Murphy en Ronita York

My ultimate fan experience: The polonaise

Veronika Yukalova


Existing since the release of Rain Man and Die Hard. Not a bad year to be born 😊

I’m a big fan good loud music in the car, summer concerts, espressos, diving with the dolphins, open-air cinema and burying my feet in hot sand. Not all of these have to happen at once though.

My ultimate fan experience: hesitating between seeing Rafa and Roger live playing in Roland Garros semi-final and dancing the night away to Florence and the Machine at a summer festival in Bilbao. Hard choice. Both experiences were totally awesome.

Charlotte Vandamme



Existing since the year of YMCA

I’m a big fan of toast Hushovd

My ultimate fan experience: sunset surfing

Koen Van der Haegen



Existing since the invention of the world wide web

I’m a big fan of the Belgian national champion Bog Snorkelling

My ultimate fan experience: KMSK Deinze winning 1-0 against arch-rivals Zulte-Waregem in 2002.

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