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NMBS/SNCB celebrates the Tour de France’s “Grand Départ”

Fans of the Tour de France are among the most passionate in sport. Over the years, they have created their own traditions and habits. So when it was announced that the “tour” would kick off from Brussels this year, Belgium’s national railway NMBS/SNCB decided to reach out to cycling fans in a way they would immediately understand.

VAR: ruining it for the fans?

A Champions League clash between Tottenham and Manchester City, four goals after only 11 minutes of play & two game-changing video referee decisions made for a spectacle on the screen. But how did the fans in the stadium experience it?

This is a fan’s world

Nothing matches the energy and loyalty of a true fan. Together,
they are energetic, enthusiastic
and open. WAVE works with brands, clubs, cities and event organizers to create campaigns that build
on this dynamic.

Victor Campenaerts: savior of cycling?

Victor Campenaerts, rider for Lotto Soudal, eclipsed Bradley Wiggins’ Hour Record, setting a distance of 55.089 km on the racetrack of Aguascalientes in Mexico. Did he save the world of cycling from an almost certain death?

Fans are the fast wave.
Let’s ride it.

Fans don’t consume. They love. So why fight for
more attention, when you can tap into the almost
limitless energy of fans?

Use data to uncover hidden trends. Use strategy to put yourself in the right spot. Use our experience in digital and event marketing to engage with people at a far deeper, more emotional level. Keep the conversation running on social.  Forget advertising; thrill the fans
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