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WAVE at the UK festival awards 2018

Who doesn’t like going to London in the weeks leading up to Christmas? Steamy pubs crammed with office workers wearing Christmas sweaters, streets contently sighing underneath a layer of festive Christmas lights and carol singers belting out Christmas tunes as this city gets ready for yet another year of festive winter bliss.

DVV The World Upside Down

How can an insurance company reach young families in a fun and relevant way? Well, WAVE created 3 different surrealistic photo booths putting the world upside down and DVV putted people back on their feet!

MercedesTrophy 2018

Mercedes-Benz’ ambition is to hit number 1 golf brand in the automotive field. For the second year in a row WAVE brought home the 2018 BeNeLux Trophy edition with a record of 3,200 players playing in one of the 28 qualification rounds and season final, spread over 15 tournaments and 37 game days! Turning other car brands green…

DreamLand FIFA 19 Launch

Every season another edition of Fifa is launched. WAVE created a real life parody of this popular football game using all the typical moves, the funny celebrations and fails. The hidden cam native videos are a nice extra!

5 Things we learned at the International Sports Convention

WAVE attended this 2-yearly event that took place in the PalExpo in Geneva. 18 Sports conferences & 150 speakers were united and attracted over 2.000 people from all over the world. UEFA, EA Sports, YouToube were just a few of the speakers who drew large crowds.

This is a fan's world

Together with brands, clubs, cities and event organizers   WAVE turns it’s unbridled passion for music and sports into unique, relevant,
fan-powered concepts. 


Do you go all the WAVE?

WAVE is looking for a project manager! If you refer to food at dinner parties as ‘deliverables’, you organise your life into milestones, you write a project brief for your next holiday but above all you have a passion for sports and music, you just might be WAVE’s new project manager… Get in touch!

Firestone Music Tour 2018

Firestone, a global tyre manufacturer, wanted to revive the brand in Europe within the younger target group by mingling in their life’s beyond the product and supporting the freedom to drive claim as much as possible, while bringing values such as young at heart, playfulness, authenticity… to their dealers, partners & customers.

Why KV Mechelen always resurrects.

As one of the most famous clubs in Belgian football history, KV Mechelen suffered a hellish season, resulting in a painful relegation. Yet the Malinwa look ahead with the ambition to return to top league next year. And the KVM fans have faith.


Creating unique experiences for fans is what’s all about at WAVE. Our goal is to help fans get the most out of their fan journey and to add something extra to what they are already passionate about. 


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