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Getting into the hearts of fans requires  the passion of a fan. We work with the finest centre-forwards in sports and music, building  in-house expert teams around each project to leverage the insights and codes that each domain uses.

Although our team members can sometimes change roles for specific jobs, they can usually be found playing in the following positions:

Kurt Tuypens • CEO & Founder

Koen Heyvaert • Managing Director

Ilse Van Lerberghe • Head of Production

Veronika Yukalova • Head of strategy

Tom Sercu • Project Manager

Louis Overmeire • Project Manager

Bertel Van Gansbeke • Creative Art Director

Glenn De Kerpel • Content creative 

Fien Beeckman • Content creative 

Charlotte Vandamme • Creative producer

Melissa Tistaert • Producer

Tess De Meirsman • Project Manager

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