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and Buy Legit Gear now also helps brands play to the hearts of music fans.

The common denominator between music and sports are the fans. So it seems obvious that the deep understanding that Sports Ad-X has of fans could be used to bring brands closer to music fans, and vice versa.

WAVE grew out of Sports Ad-X, where for 3 years we have been working with brands that invest in sport. Meanwhile, we had also started working in the music field, so the sports flag no longer really fit. WAVE stands for the positive vibes that

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music and sport

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generate and that make them so captivating. We want to help brands play to the hearts of fans in ways that are contextual, relevant and long-term.

-Kurt Tuypens, CEO

Every concept, strategy and activity at WAVE starts with the fan. Where and when are fans most open to sharing their experience with brands? How can we work with brands to ensure that – almost imperceptibly – they become part of the fan journey? We do this by finding out (through market research, brainstorming sessions, etc.), where the values, DNA and goals of a brand fit within the experience, environment and needs of the fans. Together we go looking for the WAVEPOINT, the match between the brand and the fan.


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fan and brand experiences

As passionate fans ourselves, we can claim to have thorough knowledge of the sports and music worlds. We offer original and relevant concepts, channels, services and products that bring an extra dimension and experience. We build long-term relationships, often opting for a multi-channel approach that never loses sight of the bigger picture, such as the brand’s communication and marketing objectives, overall vision and strategic goals.

When the tyre manufacturer Firestone contacted us two years ago with the aim of reaching a younger target, it seemed like a good idea to connect Firestone with music. The Firestone claim ‘Freedom to drive’ evokes being on the go with friends, listening to the perfect road music… This freedom is found both in driving and in music
and so we decided to create the Firestone Music Tour. This covered 6 key European markets (France, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain and Poland) through in-depth partnerships with leading European festivals and concert halls.

In this way, Firestone also offers emerging talents the opportunity to grow and create their own ‘Road to the Mainstage’. Together with Firestone, we worked on the B2B and B2C elements: campaign, hospitality, merchandise, sales, CRM, social media plan…

We also worked for Dela, Scooore!, Bridgestone, Tennis Vlaanderen, Gymfed, AA Gent, RSC Anderlecht and Club Brugge. The track record shows that not only do the brands come out as winners, so do the fans. Some of these cases can be found on our website. Does that spark any questions, or would you like to know what this could mean for your brand and fans? Contact us and we will be happy to drop by and think of a few waves, with no obligation!

Depending on the size and nature of the project we switch partners or the network of experts we use to tell our story. We can also put our knowledge and expertise at the disposal of other agencies that monitor the DNA of a brand but do not necessarily have the right fan insights.

Fan lovin’ criminals 

WAVE can call on years of marketing experience in the music and sports world. Starting from the love of sports and music we accompany brands looking for the ultimate fan experience!

WAVE was founded by Sam Berteloot and Kurt Tuypens in 2013 (at the time as Sports Ad-X). More recently, the management team was strengthened with Tim Vercauteren, Pablo Cacciatore and David Zegers. WAVE now boasts 13 co-workers: from strategy/marketeers with various backgrounds (market research, advertising, marketing) to project managers (digital, content, field), creatives, content producers and digital experts.

In January, we will re-locate to the Cimorné building, an inspirational, creative hothouse in the heart of Aalst. Other tenants include De Fietserij (a bicycle workshop with its own cycling track), Drift, Step by Step (a hip barber shop) and De bevoorrading. WAVE will soon join them, and it doesn’t stop there as other creative companies will find shelter there in the near future.

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