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Firestone’s Driven by Music keeps going under lockdown with a new podcast for musicians
and their fans

Firestone’s Driven by Music keeps going under lockdown with a new podcast for musicians and their fans


When all music events were cancelled, WAVE’s journey to bring Firestone, musicians and their fans together at top festivals in six European countries – a unique initiative in the industry – came to an abrupt halt. Based in Belgium, WAVE’s job as a sports and music marketing communications agency is to make Firestone stand out from the competition by connecting with music fans and bringing out the historical support with emerging talents; and research proves that the higher the awareness of Firestone’s link with music, the higher the KPIs of brand affinity and purchase intent.

Over the past six years, WAVE has focused on creating effective content and activations tailored to music fans. This has helped Firestone stay relevant and connected to music lovers throughout the whole year.

This year, we got creative and came up with the “Driven by Music” podcast as the perfect solution for reaching their audience, giving them a special experience while being relevant and truthful to the brand. 

As we had to adapt to the current situation, the artwork was done at a distance, and as it’s not possible to record in studios, the episodes were recorded remotely with MassiveMusic in Amsterdam providing the production of the episodes.  

How does one find a balance between an informative yet entertaining podcast, that is appealing to both music lovers and fellow musicians? WAVE and MassiveMusic joined forces to fully develop a creative concept and red thread for the podcast, where each episode has its own specific topic, all related to the road to success. To make this podcast stand out even more, WAVE asked MassiveMusic to compose a bespoke soundtrack for the podcast series, a driving rock track with a modern twist that fully embraces Firestone’s rich heritage in music.

Abbie McCarthy, the champion of great new music on BBC Radio, hosts the “Driven by Music” podcast series for musicians and music fans, which will showcase emerging talent and discuss burning topics in the UK music scene. It will be followed soon by a dedicated podcast for the dynamic Spanish scene. 

For each 25 to 35-minute episode, Abbie chats with the featured artists about the main topic and then with an industry professional invited to share a different point of view, before introducing a live performance. The first episode, “How to reach your fans”, focuses on how to keep the creativity flowing in times of lockdown. Guests on the first show are L Devine, Jafaris and The Lutras, who were chosen as the latest winners of Firestone’s talent discovery competition Road to the Main Stage.

In the upcoming episodes we will hear The Snuts and their manager, Callum Read, talking about growth and development of artists, Matilda Mann and Jordi Bouman (tour manager of Afrojack) discussing ups and downs of touring and many more artists and exciting topics – from musicians’ working hours to stage fright.

As festivals are no longer physically happening, Firestone is turning to podcasting to continue giving a voice to emerging musical talent. It’s a natural progression to make “Driven by Music” available on major platforms, such as Spotify, Apple podcasts, Deezer, Tunein, Stitcher, Soundcloud and others. 

Thierry Jupsin, Brands Marketing Director at Bridgestone EMIA, pointed out that “Music has been in the DNA of our iconic Firestone brand since 1928, when founder Harvey Firestone started the “Voice of Firestone” radio show. Emerging talents are the motor of music as an experience, so we really wanted to give them a platform that works in today’s environment.” 

Firestone UK’s brand manager Sofie Bronserud said: “We think this is the perfect time to release our ‘Driven by Music’ podcast because so many musicians and performers are in need of some inspiration to get them through these trying times. Music lovers are also on the lookout for some fresh new sounds and artists to listen to, which is what this podcast delivers.”


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