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WHAMBAM! – You got the music in you

WHAMBAM! – You got the music in you


Brace yourself because from now on you will no longer have any excuse not to pursue your musical dreams. Recently WHAMBAM!, a unique online platform where musical talents of all levels are brought together, has been launched. On the one hand, musicians can use their talent to help people make music. On the other hand, there are students – from beginners to advanced – who learn to play an instrument at their own pace or master themselves as musicians. WAVE provides the cheerful notes with a playful campaign that responds to the most surprising places where musical instruments are played whilst also showing how you can evolve from air music to the real deal.


WHAMBAM!’s main goal is to make people want to play a musical instrument and enjoy it whilst doing so. “Because there is nothing quite like it”, according to the brothers Alain and Phile Bokken.

(Quote Alain / Phile)
“Playing music is the pinnacle of enjoyment, it is genuine emotion, you are on a different planet, away from the world, surrounded by positive cosmic vibes… an instrument does not moan and whine and you can put all your emotions into it… actually, music is free therapy, for life!”.

The brothers have long toyed with the idea of bringing more people into contact with music, with an instrument. Et voilà, WHAMBAM! came out with a bang! A new musical planet, full of like-minded souls.
The set-up is simple – go to the platform and choose an instrument, a moment and a place. You will be assigned a music teacher and you’re off!

(Quote Alain / Phile)
“Learning to play music is really not that difficult, especially if you know that we are also self-taught. Not the fastest way, but we didn’t have much choice back then. We believe that everyone has music within them and that they all have a talent to develop it (further). The largest barrier is getting going. There is always an excuse for postponing it. No time is the most common answer. We want to get rid of that by removing the threshold of time.”

What if you don’t have the ambition to become the next Jimmy Page, but you want to play Whole Lotta Love’s legendary opening riff? In other words, you want to learn to play your favourite song to impress your friends. That is totally possible. The platform is made as to not exclude anyone from playing an instrument. Your voice is also an instrument. Your turntable too!

WHAMBAM! focuses not only on people who want to develop their talent, but also on musicians who want to share their talent. Artists who view teaching playing an instrument as their passion or mission can also use this platform. Not only in times where live concerts are a wet dream, but also as a perfect addition to their existence as a musician. Thus stop looking for excuses, throw away that stage fright, choose your instrument and start playing! The metronome is ticking… so come take a look at www.whambam.be and set your pace!

Meanwhile, musicians are also still very welcome to share their virtuosity with humanity and with djaz@whambam.be.


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