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Crelan: The whole is greater

than the sum of its parts

Crelan: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts


For many years, the financial body Crelan has been a sponsor of various athletes and sports teams. To highlight this, we were asked to underline how this fits in with the bank’s DNA and philosophy.

In concrete terms, the campaign has to contribute to increased awareness of the brand and increase the “Crelan and Sport” brand attribution within the fan and sports community. It must also pay attention to young people, appeal to an urban target group and increase the reach in French-speaking Belgium.

And finally, it should propagate the Crelan values ​​and positioning:

  • Crelan as a challenger
  • the cooperative idea behind the bank
  • the proximity and the human touch (extended office network).

WAVE took “Banking differently together” (Samen anders bankieren) – the bank’s motto and slogan – as the starting point. In other words, the team is always greater than the sum of its parts. This fits perfectly with the cooperative nature of the bank and the team spirit of athletes.

 The baseline is supported with headlines that start from “together” and in this way we strengthen the image while giving extra meaning and impact to the baseline.

In addition to the copywriting, we also play the “cooperative / working together as one team” card. Literally. We created “clone” images in which athletes do not clone themselves but are split into different teammates. The first wave features the Borlée brothers and the Belgian Cats. Other sportsmen and women will be added later, as the campaign rolls out through the year.

In addition to 3 main videos, the campaign consists of various digital and print assets such as: GIFs, posters, window stickers, brochures and video for the internal office circuit.

The campaign is live from April 20.






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