Dreamland Release FIF19

The Challenge:

Let’s solidify DreamLand’s new market position. How? With the new FIFA game

The Plan:

1: let’s re-enact some popular in-game moments, but in real life. Make it real. Together with Street Soccer Belgium. This drove conversions to the DreamLand webshop.

2: the Street Soccer Belgium guys also ran an influencer campaign to create awareness with their fans. 


We produced a range of videos in a DreamLand store. Then we went local. Street soccer players surprised visitors and staff members in the stores with amazing soccer tricks.

The Result:

The impressions on the DreamLand (+3 million) and Street Soccer Belgium channels (218,000) surpassed expectations. The real life FIFA video was picked by the popular 433 soccer Instagram page and the counter surpassed the 6 million views! At silly CPMs.

VIEWS (and growing)

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