You’ve got the music in you!

The Challenge

How do you attract musicians that use their talent to help people make music, on the one hand, and students of different levels that want to learn to play or master an instrument at their own pace? Enter WHAMBAM! – a unique new online platform where musical talents of all levels are brought together.


The Plan

WAVE has created a series of videos that show surprising places where musical instruments are played, whilst also showing how you can evolve from air music to the real deal. The videos were distributed on Facebook and Instagram, both in the newsfeed and via stories. Using a funnel technique, a broad audience interested in music was targeted at the start of the campaign. Implementing several retargeting methods resulted in a high-quality core audience at the end of the campaign.


The Result

Over 360,000 music lovers reached; 1,200,000 impressions; 22,500 website visits; a unique CTR of 6.2%; and 260,000+ video views.


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