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The MercedesTrophy 2018: putting the facts straight!

Another summer has passed and another successful MercedesTrophy put away some impressive facts. For the second year in a row WAVE was one of the main drivers to make the BeNeLux series, one of ‘the most exclusive international invitational tournaments in the world’, into a huge success. “The MercedesTrophy acts as the central Mercedes-Benz golf platform for customers and potential customers. It started 28 years ago and now enjoys a worldwide reputation of being the best amateur series. In 2017, over 60,000 customers from over 60 countries

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in approximately 600 local qualifier tournaments played the MercedesTrophy. The ultimate ambition? Mercedes-Benz to become the number 1 golf brand in the automotive field.”

The 2018 BeNeLux edition brought together a record 3,200 players playing in one of the 28 qualification rounds and season final, spread over 15 tournaments and 37 game days! All players were treated to superior catering, a club cleaning service, a carwash, champagne degustation, … Before and after the MercedesTrophy season, players were well looked after. When there was no swinging, WAVE provided all players with relevant, well-timed updates: invites, schedules, reminders, photos, results of their swing analyses, … to keep them involved and engaged in the hope of welcoming them back the following year.

Golf and Networking

To expand the networking part of the tournament (read: make the MercedesTrophy equally about swapping business cards as showing off score cards) WAVE instigated the ‘shotgun’-formula, which enables the competitors to spend more time together on and off the course. Networking and golf really are a match made in heaven confirms, WAVE’s project manager Nicolas Herbert, and golfer himself: “Playing golf is the best way to talk business. Players spend 4 to 5 hours together on the course. While playing golf, you get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. How do you handle stressful situations? Deal with a windfall or setback?” Networking with the aim of creating new business between MercedesTrophy players is a key factor in the success of this tournament series, but this formula also has a nice B2C swing to it. All guests of the MercedesTrophy are personally invited by Mercedes-Benz concession holders and partners, all Mercedes-Benz drivers or potential Mercedes-Benz drivers! This year, no less than 223 potential drivers signed up for a test drive. In 2019, WAVE and Mercedes-Benz, will continue to broaden their golf horizon to present the best possible MercedesTrophy 2019. And who knows, some Mercedes-Benz After Work Golf games are flying over? More on mercedestrophy.be Sponsors MercedesTrophy: Hewlett Packard EnterpriseLaurent PerrierMisanetAGBaobabJules DestrooperVitamin WellJuCad,Infradata and Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Looking to collaborate and introduce your brand to thousands of

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potential customers in a unique setting? Contact us!

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