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TikTok booth  Samsung x FIG

TikTok booth
Samsung x FIG

Follow Follow menu  Z-FLIP TIKTOK BOOTH SAMSUNG X FIG Z-FLIP TIKTOK BOOTH SAMSUNg X FIG   Fire is Gold rose from the ashes in early September. The annual festival of positive vibes near Antwerp was blessed with good weather and an audience that was out to party....
A Yellow Journey  NMBS

A Yellow Journey

menu  A YELLOW JOURNEY NMBS Follow Follow A YELLOW JOURNEY NMBS   How to fully immerse all train travellers arriving at one of the busiest train stations in Belgium in the Tour de France’s Brussels Grand Départ theme and instigate them to share the yellow...
Upside Down  DVV

Upside Down

Follow Follow menu  UPSIDE DOWN DVVV UPSIDE DOWN DVV How can an insurance company reach young families in a fun and relevant way? WAVE created 3 different surrealistic photo booths putting the world upside down.  DVV puts people  back on their feet when drama happens....
Launch Soccer Store  DreamLand

Launch Soccer Store

Follow Follow menu  LAUNCH SOCCER STORE DREAMLAND LAUNCH SOCCER STORE  DREAMLAND   An established sports retailer, DreamLand wanted to establish itself more clearly in the kid’s soccer market. How? Through games. We rode the wave of interest generated by...