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Get your own pimped 3×3 sneakers Crelan

Get your own pimped 3×3 sneakers

menu  3×3 SNEAKERS CReLAN Follow Follow 3×3 SNEAKERS CRELAN   The Belgian bank Crelan is looking for more brand awareness & traffic to their website. They have been supporting Belgian basketball since 2019, sponsoring all the national teams, both...
Bar Velo  Quick-Step

Bar Velo

menu  BAR VELO QUICK-STEP Follow Follow BAR VELO QUICK-STEP   With the Quick-Step Bar Velo we created an exclusive coffee bar and a billboard on wheels that will hit the road at every possible occasion. On race day, at the dealers, at trade fairs and other...
Music tour  Firestone

Music tour

Follow Follow menu  MUSIC TOUR FIRESTONE MUSIC TOUR FIRESTONE   How can you rejuvenate a brand like Firestone and build an ongoing relationship in a highly competitive market & differentiate them from competition? WAVE linked Firestone to music and loaded its...
Golf Trophy  Mercedes-Benz

Golf Trophy

Follow Follow menu  GOLF TROPHY MERCEDES-BENZ GOLF TROPHY MERCEDES-BENZ   Let’s take a swing at attracting more prospects and building brand loyalty Mercedes’ Golf Trophy was caught in a rut. It felt like the same guests were attending every year, with not enough...
TikTok booth  Samsung x FIG

TikTok booth
Samsung x FIG

Follow Follow menu  Z-FLIP TIKTOK BOOTH SAMSUNG X FIG Z-FLIP TIKTOK BOOTH SAMSUNg X FIG   Fire is Gold rose from the ashes in early September. The annual festival of positive vibes near Antwerp was blessed with good weather and an audience that was out to party....