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Golf Trophy  Mercedes-Benz

Golf Trophy

Follow Follow menu  GOLF TROPHY MERCEDES-BENZ GOLF TROPHY MERCEDES-BENZ   Let’s take a swing at attracting more prospects and building brand loyalty Mercedes’ Golf Trophy was caught in a rut. It felt like the same guests were attending every year, with not enough...
season ticket campaign  KV Mechelen

season ticket campaign
KV Mechelen

Follow Follow menu  SEASON TICKET CAMPAIGN KV MECHELEN SEASON TICKET CAMPAIGN KV MECHELEN   To get fans to subscribe to a football team,irrespective of their results. We addressed the loyal fan base, which unconditionally supports the club, with a message that...
Upside Down  DVV

Upside Down

Follow Follow menu  UPSIDE DOWN DVVV UPSIDE DOWN DVV How can an insurance company reach young families in a fun and relevant way? WAVE created 3 different surrealistic photo booths putting the world upside down.  DVV puts people  back on their feet when drama happens....